Become a Member

Joining NVMWP

To join our club you only need to be a current USA Water Polo member in good standing and to pay your dues.

We accept payment via Venmo + PayPal:

A full year membership for all practices (weekdays, Sundays and holidays) is $500.

A full year membership for only Sundays and holidays is $200.

A full year membership for only weekdays (no holidays) is $400.

And we also welcome drop in players. The same rules apply. You must be a current US Water Polo member in good standing to drop in.

The drop-in fee on weekdays is $10. On Sundays and holidays it’s $20.

Try us out!

You can show up for any practice and jump in the water to try us out. Your first practice is free. However, to play with us on a trial basis, even for one day, you must be a current USA Water Polo member in good standing. This is for insurance reasons and is a strict requirement. USA Water Polo does offer a 14-day trial membership (for free). You can sign up for that on their website and play with us for 2 weeks to try it out.

Please also download and complete our Athlete Agreement form.

Member Responsibilities

Beyond paying your dues and playing as often as you can, the only other responsibilities to being a NVMWP member are to take an online “Safe Sport” training and to help with our tournament each summer.

One aspect of “tournament help” consists of donating to the tournament either 1 bottle of wine that is valued at $50 or more or 2 bottles of wine valued at $30 or more. These wine bottles are packaged into our annual “Wine Locker Raffle”  which is held at the tournament’s gala dinner each year.


We use a mobile app called “Stack TeamApp” to communicate in real time with our club members and guest players. If you’re interested in getting up to the minute updates on practices and other happenings, please download the app to your smartphone. Once you have it installed, search for “Napa Valley Masters Water Polo” and request access to our group. We’re happy to have you on the list and look forward to seeing you in the pool.