NVMWP Summer Tournament

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The 18th annual Napa Valley Masters Water Polo Tournament will be held Friday – Sunday, July 8 – 10th, 2022 at the Vintage High School pool in Napa.

Saturday Night Gala Schedule

The 2022 Gala  is held Saturday 09 July 6pm – 11pm at the Culinary Institute of America at Copia in Napa.

The Gala (included in your registration fee) includes free food + drink, featuring a silent auction, and live music.

Tournament Schedule

For the 2022 Tournament, all games are held at the Vintage High School pool in Napa.

      • Friday: Open Scrimmage from 4pm – 6pm
      • Saturday: Water Polo Games 10am – 4:30pm
      • Saturday Evening: Dinner Gala and Dancing (included with your registration) 6pm – 11pm
      • Sunday: Water Polo Games 9am – 4:30pm
      • Sunday (Mid-day): Women’s Open Scrimmage 12pm – 1pm
Friday White Dark
4:00 PM Open Scrimmage v Open Scrimmage
Saturday White Dark
10:00 AM Team 1 v Team 2
11:00 AM Team 3 v Team 4
12:00 PM Team 5 v Team 6
1:30 PM Team 3 v Team 2
2:30 PM Team 4 v Team 5
3:30 PM Team 6 v Team 1
Sunday White Dark
9:00 AM Team 5 v Team 1
10:00 AM Team 6 v Team 3
11:00 AM Team 2 v Team 4
12:00 PM Womens Open v Womens Open
1:30 PM Team 1 v Team 3
2:30 PM Team 4 v Team 6
3:30 PM Team 2 v Team 5

Tournament Rosters


Cap Name Position
Team 1
1 Bill Drulia Goalie
2 Brett Nuckols 2M Defense, Wing, Driver (Flat)
3 Casey Hughes 2M Offense
4 Chris Barlow 2M Offense, Driver
5 Jennifer ‘Lark’ Widen Wing
6 Kyle Cliff Wing
7 Natalie Peng 2M Offense, 2M Defense, Wing, Driver (Flat), Anything but goalie 🙂
8 Vince Perrine 2M Offense, Wing
9 Will Namnath 2M Defense, Wing, Driver
10 Todd Masson Driver (Flat)
Team 2
1 Steve W Hamann Goalie
2 Dave Roche 2M Defense
3 Judy Ishida Wing, Driver (Flat)
4 Lisa McMichael Wing
5 (1A) Linda Makela Wing, Goalie
6 Charles Wood Wing, Driver (Flat)
7 Ozzie Ozsvath 2M Offense
8 Russell Hertzberg Driver (Flat)
9 William Robert Jones Driver (Flat)
10 Matt Sitter Driver (Flat)
Team 3
1 Bruce Cates Goalie
2 Ashiq Khan Substitute
3 Casey Holcomb 2M Defense
4 Dan D’Angelo Wing, Driver (Flat)
5 Caela Brazelton Driver (Flat)
6 Gwen Golub 2M Defense
7 Karl Blum Utility
8 Robby Fraser Driver (Flat)
9 Zack Posey 2M Offense, 2M Defense
10 Aaron Eisberg Driver (Flat)
Team 4
1 John Lum Goalie
2 Brian Hill 2M Defense, Driver (Flat)
3 Gigi Swan Driver (Flat)
4 John Quimby Driver (Flat)
5 Jon Kies Driver (Flat)
6 Michael Pritchet Driver (Flat)
7 Nicholas Leo Pivonka Wing
8 Olivia Wetherbee Wing
9 Russell Crotts Whatever is needed
10 Rozalynd McCree 2M Offense, 2M Defense, Driver (Flat)
11 Sean P Mullen 2M Offense, 2M Defense
Team 5
1 James Harmon Goalie
1A Jim Providenza Goalie
2 Brandon Minnick Wing, Driver (Flat)
3 Carrie Holmberg Wing, Driver (Flat)
4 Jill Peters Wing
5 Jim R Altmann 2M Defense, Wing, Driver (Flat)
6 John Deluca 2M Offense, 2M Defense, Utility
7 Mark Valance Driver (Flat)
8 Nicole Terrazas 2M Offense, 2M Defense
9 Per Casey 2M Defense
10 Ronald A Max 2M Defense
Team 6
1 Bob Likins Goalie
2 Bob Frappia Wing, Driver (Flat)
3 Damian May 2M Offense, 2M Defense, Driver (Flat)
4 Dudley Robnett Driver (Flat)
5 Jerry Sweetland Driver (Flat)
6 Kandace Walthaler
7 Mark Draganchuk Driver (Flat)
8 (1A) Russ Barnes Goalie, Whatever
9 Scott Geuss 2M Defense, Driver (Flat)
10 Tessa Wyborny Utility


(Registration is now closed)

This tournament is a perennial blast and we highly recommend it to you if you like playing water polo in the sun with fun, supportive teammates. Also, the competition is always good and exhausting. The dinner and dancing are just plain great.

Open to Men 40 years and older and all others 25 years old and over. The tournament will be limited to 10 Women’s Teams  and 10 Men’s Teams.

In true “Napa Style” each entrant will be placed on a team based on abilities and experience. This allows us to create balanced teams and to enhance the social aspect of the event. Our goal is for you to meet new people, make new friends and have a great time playing the game we love.

Each team of 10 players will play two games on both Saturday and Sunday. We aim to finish tournament play between 3-4 pm each day. Informal co-ed scrimmages are scheduled for Friday afternoon between 4 and 6 pm.

Our Gala dinner event will again be held at COPIA this year. The catered dinner will include a fabulous buffet and bar. There is a limit of 150 guests for the dinner.

The tournament is an open format (or “Napa Style”) meaning anyone can sign up (as an individual) as long as…

      1. You are a current US Water Polo member in good standing
      2. If you are a male, you are over 40 years old, otherwise you are over 25 years old
      3. We receive your registration form + payment before the tournament runs out of availability

A few days prior to the tournament we assign each player to a team, doing our best to make evenly matched teams for maximum fun.


2022 tournament entry fees are $250 per player (includes Gala Dinner) and $200 per guest/non-player (i.e. Gala Dinner only).


The 2022 Tournament is held at the Vintage High School pool in Napa

The 2022 Gala (Saturday 09 July 6pm – 11pm) is held at the Culinary Institute of America at Copia in Napa.